EyesightRx: Android App Update & Participants Free Download Option

By tomorrow we should see EyesightRx, the new Android app, in Google play.  My goal is to give you a tool that’s always in your pocket, which allows you to measure your current centimeter distance and respective diopter correction.  I want you to be able to do this without needing […]

Myopia Ruler Now Available!

Finally, you can measure your eyesight without having to go out to buy a centimeter measuring tape and using the calculator tool.  You still can of course, but now there is also my Myopia Ruler you can use:If your country uses the “letter” size for standard paper in your […]

Behind The Scenes: The Myopia Measurement Ruler

For every one single improvement it seems that we get an avalanche of challenges and unforeseen issues.Most recently, if you came to visit this weekend, you may have noticed some interestingly discouraging errors here on the site.All that stemmed from the code guys promising improved speed, support for the banner headings […]

How To Convert Your Contact Lens Prescription To Glasses Prescription

Simon asks about converting glasses prescriptions to contact lens prescriptions in the support forum:Is there a recommended formula for calculating contact lens strength from glasses?I remember my optician had an excel-sheet where she put in -8.5 and out came -7.71. I’ve googled a bit and found this one which […]

Active Focus: Prescribed -5.50, Can Read 20/20 with -4.00

The title of this post points to something interesting:  If you can read 20/20 with a -4.00 prescription (after a month or two of basic efforts) why did the optometrist prescribe you a -5.50?  Consider, that’s almost a 30% higher prescription than this individual needed to see 20/20!It is an […]

How To Get From -4.00 To 20/13 In One Year

Ruth Ann writes in the forum:It was one year ago that I signed up for the web program.My prescription last year as I began rehab was R -4.00 -0.75 x 120 and L -7.25 -0.25 x 105. I have the start of cataracts in both eyes, the left one […]

How To Stop Your Tablet From Significantly Increasing Myopia

Especially in the child myopia section of the blog, I talk quite a bit about the absolute importance to control the distance.  Close-up is where myopia first starts, and this is where you have to head things off, if you don’t want your child to become myopic.  Likewise, when […]

Differential Prescription vs. Normalized Prescription

In the forum we talk a whole lot about individual prescription recommendations.  It tends to take at least one round of reductions of experience to get a good understanding on what makes a viable prescription.  As much as I can I provide help and pointers, to also serve as […]