Retirement Announcement & A Christmas Present

If you have been reading the blog for some time, you have likely seen this coming.  Yes, it is time for me to retire, post my real life retirement, now from the online world as well.  An old man needs some time to relax!It has been a fascinating journey, building […]

How To Choose A Reduced Glasses Prescription (Differential / Close-Up Friendly Glasses)

Rebecca writes in the forum:I have a high prescription -6.5 with astigmatism in the left eye and -7.0 in the right. Up to this point, I have been wearing contacts pretty much 100% of the time (as in, never taking them out except to replace them with new ones) for almost […]

Want 360 Hours Less Close-Up? Two Great Activities To Lower Dangerous Eye Strain

Jake here, dropping in for a quick tip for you, great if you are struggling to reduce your daily close-up intake.—You know how it goes.  You had a long day at work, and the only way you really want to relax is in front of the TV.  Or if you […]

Myopia Rehab Prescription Options: CRF250L

Luke had been a windfall treasure trove of blog article inspiration, with his e-mails:P.S. I wish I could say I still had the money I saved for LASEK and I want to put it towards a one-on-one with you, but I spent it on a Honda CRF250L dual sport motorcycle […]

Got Astigmatism? Don’t Rub Your Eyes!

Luke writes:Six months ago I decided I wanted to get vision correction surgery.  I visited an ophthalmologist that specializes in LASEK (sic) for a consultation.  To my dismay, the doctor told me I was not a good candidate for surgery due to possible sub-clinical keratoconus.  He said there was nothing […]

Reward System & Log: Protecting Your Child’s Eyes From Myopia

What I possibly like most about this venue of the Web, is the sharing aspect.  Whereas before anything communicated would only be between me and the client in my office, you can now see a lot of interactions, advice, questions, and support via the forum.  And sometimes we get great […]

Can Crooked Glasses Make Your Eyesight Worse?

In the course we talk about prescription use in a number of installments.  I also have an entire category of paid support that includes prescription suggestions.  The reason for this is of course that prescriptions significantly affect your eyesight health.As you likely already know from reading the myopia basics, all […]

Improve Your Eyes With This Fun Maze Game

I always refer to using letters and text in general, when working on pushing or pulling focus.  Unlike other objects, text has the significant benefit of giving you feedback – if you don’t see a tree leaf, you won’t know it.  But if you can’t read half of the letters […]