Dr. Kaisu Viikari, M.D. PhD: Myopia Prevention

There is a lot of clinical science pointing to the root causes of myopia.  While mainstream media keeps entirely missing the boat on primary causes, the truth isn't hard to find.  Just an afternoon of reading will acquaint you with exactly where myopia comes from (see 'clinical science' link above).Things get a little more sketchy when you are looking for prevention and rehab related writing.  I spent years digging through literature, and talking to ophthalmologists (some of whom are actually very [...]

Dr. Morgan & Why You Should Trust Us About Vision Improvement

Finally, my counterpoint to the previous article on why you shouldn't trust us.  ;)In 2004, doctors Morgan and Megaw wrote an interesting dissertation, with no less than 59 excellent clinical and expert references.  This dissertation went on to discuss what we know about axial elongation of the eye, and its role in the development of myopia.Ready?  Let's dive in (the numbers indicate references, listed at the end of the article):Introduction Myopia in humans results from an imbalance between the refractive [...]

Kim’s Progress Report: Optometrist Verifies Improvement Is Real

Greetings!  It's Alex again finally, adding to the blog for you today.Take a look Kim is saying in the forum about her experience since January.  There is a very interesting and encouraging detail, see if you can catch it:Hi everyone!I have just moved to a new apartment where I get a lot more sunlight and even have a balcony overlooking the bay. I went to the eye doctor back in early February. I started this program early January. According to the tests, my [...]

Get Rid Of Your Myopia With These Shortcuts!

You found this site, and the promise of improving your eyesight.You start to read.  There is a whole lot of science and third party insights explaining myopia causes.  There is the forum, with years of accumulated stories of improvement.  It sounds great!  But then ... you either have to read a whole lot more, or spend money on a course.  And who wants to do that?!There must be an even easier way.  Take out 90% of all the words and [...]

Forum & Membership Enhancements

Ted asked me to let you guys know about some improvements on the site:When you look at any forum participant, you can now click their name and see their profile along with a host of options.  That way you can follow their progress, see questions they asked, and even connect with them directly.Here is how it works, it's really quite simple!1.  Click the name next to any post: 2.  Click the forum link:3.  Read member's forum posts:That's it!  Even I could [...]

Changing the Paradigm of Myopia Treatment

Is myopia rehab possible?  Can myopia be prevented?  Are glasses and laser surgery plainly screwing over the public, in the interest of profit?  Let's look at another query:Are these possibly entirely the wrong questions to ask?The problem with our dialog with most optometrists lies in the assumption that glasses are bad.  You have the progressive, alternative health type individuals who are at odds with traditional optometry practice.  Frauenfeld has a bit of that tone, the us vs. them.  Even I have gone [...]