Robin’s -4.00 to -2.75: Improving Your Eyesight For Free

Jake Steiner here, your temporary blog host.  Everything is here in Alex’ blog for the motivated reader, to improve their vision.  You don’t need to spend money on the paid course, you can easily dig through the forum and blog, and impressively enough, it really is all here.  Props […]

Inge’s Mild Myopia: The Questionable Value Of A -2.00 Prescription

Greetings!  Jake here, your host for today.  Alex is on minimal duty this week and asked me to fill in on the blog.  Low hanging fruit is a recent post by Inge and Alex’ response to it.  It’s something I wish would receive far more attention, as it highlights […]

20/20 at -2.50: Paul’s Five Week Progress Report

Improving your vision – almost always a question of how much effort you are willing to put in for the first month or two.  With that being the case, it is encouraging to look at Paul’s figures for exactly how much he has improved in his first five weeks:I’ve […]

Stuck With Your Close-Up Distance? Use This Focusing Trick

Advanced subject – below will make most sense if you already experienced improvements in your eyesight.—Everything we discuss here about improving vision goes back to just two basic principles:  1)  Reducing strain and 2) creating positive stimulus.Much of the challenge of applying these two simple ideas is in the detail.Remember […]

-6.75 D to -4.75 D: A Pathologists Experience With Improving Eyesight

Here, a guest post from Nathan (who you might know from occasional forum posts).  I had asked him to write something for you, since his vocation is particularly well suited to the topic of myopia rehabilitation.    Nathan is a pathologist, so he is used to applying knowledge of […]

Unlock A Hidden One Diopter Margin In Your Vision

This is an advanced topic, suitable for those who already did the full Vision Improvement Course and made it specifically to a consistent double vision experience.  —If your normalized prescription gets you to 20/30 or 20/40 on the Snellen, and you frequently work to the double vision distance up-close, […]

How To: Getting A Test Lens Kit

The most reliable, and ultimately decisive tool used at the optometrist, is a test lens kit and eye chart.  Sure, there is the autorefractor and various other options but ultimately you always end up in front of test lenses, and an eye chart.We talk about measurements a lot, here, […]

Preventing & Curing Myopia: A Communist Perspective

We got a few comments on my inaugural contribution to Alex’ blog!  Well done.  Alex responded by sending me a login to the site, and carte blanche (for now at least, till he realizes the folly of that decision) on adding posts.  If you enjoy it, do leave some […]