Eye Doctor Left Speechless: Eli’s Progress

Eli reports his progress in the forum:I just got back from the eye doctor. He had ordered me a trial pair of -7.00 contacts (I guess he was not expecting much after I put them in). To his amazement I was able to get to 20/20 (without squinting) with the [...]

Taiwan Passes Law To Limit Child Screen Use

"Parents in Taiwan are now legally obliged to stop their children spending too much time using "electronic products" such as video games and televisions. Under rules passed last Friday by Taiwanese politicians, children under the age of two should be completely banned from using electronic devices, Xinhua, China's official news agency [...]

What To Do If You Aren’t Getting Results

In the years it took me to reverse my own myopia, I hit many roadblocks.  If you get stuck and your eyes just aren't getting better, this article is for you.---Back when I had started, I had no guide or reassurance that improving eyesight was actually possible.  I did a whole [...]

How To Get Started With Prescription Reductions

Glasses and contact lenses are prescription only for good reason - it can be less than ideal for your eyesight, general well being and even safety, to pick the wrong glasses!Of course the mainstream paradigm of giving you the maximum possible prescription is also no good for your eyes.  So [...]

14 Year Old Improves From -2.25 to -1.75

Image above, entirely in jest.  Optometrists aren't plunging you (or your kids) into progressive myopia on purpose.---Lucia writes in the forum:I have joined up for my son who is 14, his prescription was -2.25 in right eye and -1.50 in left eye with slight astigmatism when we visited the optician for [...]

The Future Of Vision Improvement: Apps & Games

We have a lot of discussion internally, on how to best serve you, our reader and supporter of this site.  A lot of this is purely theoretical, since it all hinges on the current day dreams of "what if the site actually made money"?For the moment, you are getting ongoing [...]