Vision Improvement Scams – Easy Ways To Tell The Rip Offs

You want to know some interesting tricks to tell who is trying to scam you?  Some of these pointers work for all sorts of Web scams, not just in the eyesight health arena.---I just put together a quick FAQ item for the topic of scams.We get a lot of participants who have been scammed previously.  I myself took about a dozen different Web courses over the years, just to see what sort of mayhem and lunacy lurks out there on [...]

The Reality Of Ciliary Spasm & Necessary Focus Breaks

A quick post for those of you who have taken Alex' course and want a bit more specifics on taking breaks.  Alex doesn't really specify how much breaks are necessary for those past the first month.  You will however benefit noticeably from maintaining the break regimen I'm about to describe here.---Alex has a specific type of client category, and catered this site and the guided therapy course to a certain kind of individual.Most of the people Alex deals with are [...]

In The News: Eye Treatments That Might Make You Worry

Trying new things for you to enjoy on the blog.  Featured today, news!Get ready for:  Vision implantable contact lenses, new drugs approved to be injected into the eye, heavy lifting linked to retinal detachment, new pills for diabetics with eyesight problems, and polar bears as the possible cause of ice berg accidents.---Imagine you owned the Titanic.  It sank.  Bad scene.  So you call a meeting, the finest engineers, all in your office.  You ask the obvious question.  What do we do [...]

Eyesight Health Community Discussions

I have been meaning to write a proper article discussing close-up breaks.  It's an important subject and one that Alex never quite put a finer point on.  There are some pretty specific numbers that will give you the most for your close-up break time.  It's very due, and I promise we'll talk about it soon.But first ... another topic that oft occupies my e-mail inbox.---There are one-off e-mails.  And then there are thematic things, that come up over and over. [...]

Free Myopia Quick Guides (Updated)

All the free quick guides are now in one place!---Alex had a series of quick guides for readers new to the site and looking for a bit more tangible advice to start protecting their eyesight health.You could get them by signing up for the e-mail newsletter, and they were sent to you one every other day.  Alex says he was told to do so to "increase engagement", whatever that means.  Since your new management could care less about forcing you [...]

Fluorescent Light Dangers: Could Your Office Lighting Be Causing Cataracts?

UV exposure is considered a very likely contributor to the development of cataracts.  And while there is great emphasis on UV filtering sunglasses, most of us aren't even aware of where we could be getting that potentially dangerous UV:  Indoors, while sitting at work in the office.What's going on there?  Neha here for you today, to give you a bit of the story on UV and your eye health. There is a great amount of conjecture on what causes cataracts.  Though there [...]