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You Could Enjoy Healthy Natural Eyesight.

But The Vision Industry Makes Billions of Dollars, By Keeping Your Natural Eyesight Blurry.

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To improve eyesight naturally requires that we first look at myopia.  How was this condition created?  Who profits from your poor eyesight? Learn More
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NITM (near work transient myopia) and lens-induced myopia destroy your vision.  Get the facts, from reputable sources of clinical data. Learn More
Eyesight improvement is unique to each individual.  We have an active support forum to help you with your progress.  Come take a look at some posts!Learn More

What Client’s Say

I started working on vision rehabilitation about six month ago.  My original prescription (which had been stable for the last 10 years) was OD -6.5  -1.00×180  and OS -6.25 -.5×015.  I just went for an eye exam on October 22 and the measurement there was OD -4.75 -0.75×180 and OS -4.75.  My doctor was very intrigued by the positive change in my vision.
Jennifer, -4.75